Habitude Imparfait

There are two forms of the Imparfait : description of the past, and indicating past repeated actions.

Both forms have the same endings:


  • The imparfait is also used to indicate habitual or repeated past actions. Often this aspect is emphasized by adverbs or adverbial expressions: chaque annee, chaque semaine (every year, month, week), toujours, souvent, comme d'habitude (as usual), le mardi (every tuesday), tous les dimanches (every Sunday)

Example/ Chaque annee il y avait beaucoup de preparatifs pour l'anniversaire.

(Each year there were lots of preparations for Grandmother's birthday.)

Example/ Nous prenions toujours beaucoup de photo.

(We always used to take lots of pictures.)

Example/ Tous les 31 decembre, mes copains et moi faisons une grande fete.

(Every New Year's Eve my friends and I would throw a big party.)