Questions Avec Lequel Laquelle Lesquels Lesquelles
  • You have learned to ask the identity of a person (Who?) or the identification of a thing (What?) using interrogative pronouns.
  • To inquire about people or things already mentioned, use the interrogative pronoun lequel, which is the equivalent of which one? or which? The forms of lequel may refer either to persons or things. They agree in number and gender with the noun they represent.
singular plural
MASCULINE lequel lesquels
FEMININE laquelle lesquelles

Vous cherchez un emploi, mais lequel?
You are looking for a job, but which one?

Parmi les emplois possibles, lesquels preferez-vous?
Among the possible jobs, which ones do you prefer?

  • Note that the forms of lequel actually consist of the definite article le + the interrogative adjective quel. The forms of lequel therefore follow the rules for contraction of the defiite article with the prepositions a and de.

Vous parlez de trois ou quatre emplois: duquel avez-vous envie?
You are talking about three of four jobs: which one do you want?

Vous vous interessez a ces emplois. Mais auxquels est-ce que vous vous interessez le plus?
You are interested in these jobs. But in which one are you the most interested?